Picto maïtrise
50 years
of expertise in the meat industry
Picto cochon
12 %
french pork meat
Picto chiffre d'affaires
1 Bn
of turnover
Picto site industriel
industrial sites

Brands that showcase our unique expertise

The Brittany-based JEAN FLOC’H agri-food group has more than 50 years’ experience in the pork processing industry and is well-known for the various associated brands that allow it to service a wide range of markets in France, Europe, and other countries.

The different sites operate independently while simultaneously contributing to the dynamism of the overall group.

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The pork meat specialist.
Traditional meat and delicatessen products, Liffré, 35.
Traditional meat and delicatessen products, Carquefou, 44.
The expert in culinary solutions and coating and decoration products.
Dry delicatessen products in Tarare, 69.

Our 3 skills

Our mastery of our core business skills has allowed us to expand and integrate a third area of expertise, that of culinary solutions.
Picto métier viande


With our unrivalled expertise in meat processing, supported by state-of-the-art industrial capabilities, the Group's comprehensive product portfolio meets the requirements of all our customers worldwide.

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Carré de proc sur une planche à découpé
Picto métier charcuterie

Processed products

The proximity of our slaughtering facilities to our cutting units, combined with our authentic expertise, enable us to offer a wide range of products with exceptional qualities in terms of taste and health.

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salade de jambon

Culinary solutions

Expert in culinary solutions (sauces, butters and seasoning, savoury and sweet preparations) and coating & decoration products, CAP Solutions Culinaires is developing customized and ready-to-use recipes to meet all the industrial or catering customer specifications in France or abroad.

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6 sauces

The Group’s CSR commitments

As a leader in the agri-food sector, it is our responsibility to show commitment and innovation in supplying our markets with healthy products produced in a way that respects the environment.

les 4 labels du groupe JEAN FLOC'H
Photo aérienne de l'usine de Baud
4 personnes en train d'élaborer de nouveaux produits
Centre d'énergies renouvelables LIGER
  • Product quality and safety
  • Economic and social
  • Employment
  • Environmental

We want to contribute to French food sovereignty

  • By guaranteeing procurement quality.
  • By marketing healthy, safe products.
  • By promoting health-oriented approaches to nutrition.
Picto maïtrise
90 %
of our product preparation sites are certified for health and safety (IFS)
Picto cochon
90 %
of our raw materials come from Brittany
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We aim to optimise our use of the region’s resources

  • By adhering to an ethical purchasing policy.
  • By contributing to economic and regional development.
67 000
meal equivalents supplied each year
sporting associations supported each year
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We strive to mobilise our workforce

  • By paying special attention to the well-being of each and every employee, in particular through upskilling and the provision of appropriate, accessible training.
  • By ensuring equality in every way we can including through the development of employment opportunities, and participating in the fight against all forms of discrimination (origin, sex, disability, etc.)
Picto emplois
hours of training followed
Picto CDI
97 %
permanent employment contracts
8 %
employment of persons with disabilities
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We are committed to sustainable transformation

  • By supplying a biogas plant with organic inputs to power a renewable energy production centre.
  • By optimising the use of the resources required for our activities and controlling emissions.
99 %
of by-products used for biogas production
70 %
of our packaging is recycled
100 %
of our consumption is monitored under ISO 50001 certification.
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The JEAN FLOC'H Group: stronger by working together

Thanks to its unparalleled expertise in the meat processing field and underpinned by state-of-the-art industrial capabilities, the JEAN FLOC’H Group has a full range of products that meets the needs of customers around the world.

Fresh meat, delicatessen products as well as fresh, frozen and canned culinary solutions.
Picto offre globale

A comprehensive product offer

We make no compromises when it comes to quality.
Picto sécurité qualité

Safety and quality

A priority in our everyday activities.

Responsiveness to customers

To the development of healthy, simple, authentic products.


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