Carré de porc


Acknowledged quality and expertise

We play a leading role in the industry and have our own slaughterhouse and production facilities located in the heart of the Breton region.
With many years of experience and a commitment to proven practices, we are able to provide custom services each and every day as part of our permanent commitment to quality and fresh produce.

Frozen products: a unique range of frozen meats and delicatessen products

We offer a comprehensive range of frozen meats, delicatessen products and grill products sourced directly from our slaughterhouses.
Because our meats are processed rapidly, with optimally sized portions and packaging that responds to customer-specific requirements, we are able to handle all types of requests.

Canned products: expertise in the preservation of delicatessen products

Delicious recipes that give authenticity a modern touch.
Because we have control of the quality of our meat and possess a high-performance production plant, we are able to offer a wide range that is compatible with various forms of consumption: cans, verrines and traditional jars.

Delicatessen products

The strength of a manufacturer

Thanks to the proximity of our slaughterhouse and portioning facilities, coupled with our long-standing expertise, we are able to offer a wide range of products with remarkable taste and health and safety properties.
We tailor product preparation and packaging to our customers’ specifications: whole fresh joints, sliced portions, raw or cooked prepared products, culinary aids, delicatessen products of all origins.

Jambon blanc

Culinary solutions

Let’s show off our flavours

CAP Solutions Culinaires is justly renowned for its innovative spirit, easy-to-use products and delicious flavours.
Experts in the fields of sauces, coatings and garnishings, we develop a wide range of recipes to meet the specific requirements of our customers in France and abroad.